Our story


The German Shepherd Dog Club of San Diego County was formed in 1945 by a group of German Shepherd Dog owners who were interested in ensuring the breed would continue to grow in popularity.  GSDCSDC attracted people who owned and bred the GSD in San Diego County.  The founders originally competed in conformation trials, agility and various other dog sports at the time. As the German Shepherd dogs grew in popularity, they became commonly referred to as police dogs or attack dogs from use by law enforcement and the military. The GSDCSDC wanted to change the public's perception of GSD's reputation of being a vicious dog.  Members of GSDCSDC wanted the public to know GSDs are great as family pets who would protect their family, are highly intelligent and very entertaining, as well being very proficient and almost always preferred by law enforcement and the military.


The German Shepherd Dog Club of San Diego County today sponsors multiple trials each year in agility, rally, obedience, tracking and currently is working on sponsoring more dog sports trials.  GSDCSDC will soon offer training classes and workshops for their members and the public (on a limited basis). GSDCSDC has a membership meeting every 2nd Thursday of the month giving our members an opportunity to socialize and trade information on grooming, training and other subject matters concerning German Shepherd Dogs.  Please see the calendar for upcoming events, training schedules and club meetings.  Several of our members are dog trainers for other organizations and various dog sports.


Please feel free to use our contact form to ask questions or request more information about The German Shepherd Dog Club of San Diego County.